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Discover how to become a data-driven insurer, deliver a breakthrough customer experience, seamlessly augment your legacy system, empower your workforce and drive new growth via AI powered claims handling automation & innovation.

What is data-driven?

Put simply, it’s when an organization makes strategic decisions based on data, regardless of the influence of rigid process or outdated tradition. By using data to drive its actions, a company can develop a more customer-centric approach for their business.

Unlock relevant information with cognitive data intake.

Generate detailed document information in a cost-efficient way, laying the foundation for full ownership of data. Our AI unlocks all relevant information from unstructured claims document via multiple channels.

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Shatter information silos. Unify your data.

omni:us is focused on building systems which focus on the customer and their data from the first touchpoint, phasing out processes which often sideline vital information. If previously entrenched data silos between separate departments or organizations are opened, it is to the benefit of insurer and insured alike.

“omni:us has a team of very talented engineers who really understand the problems in training machine learning models, of data annotation, and of data quality.”

Nina Fichtl
AI Lead

Lay the foundation for consistent, fast, transparent and fully data-driven decisions.

Omni-channel Support

Absorb information from all different sources and formats. Supercharge your claims team by enabling comprehensive channel support.

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Drop all those manual verification tasks. Let the AI models tick the boxes and allow the claims team to focus on the customer’s real needs.

Real-time Claims Data

Provide relevant and contextual information that leads to the decision phase of a claim, presented in an intuitive and powerful UI.

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Why omni:us?

With our unique data-driven approach, we supercharge the claims legacy systems of leading insurers to create first-class customer experiences and boost operational excellence.

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