Data-Driven Insurance.

The volume of data available to insurers is increasing exponentially.
In the past, process was king.
But today, insurers who make decisions based on data rise to the top.

When data drives actions, everybody wins.

The data-driven claims advantage.

Every claim is a series of decisions and actions.
omni:us automates data-intense workflows and generates holistic claims profiles. This allows claims teams to make contextual, data-driven decisions.

Decisions are based on the data available – and not limited by the requirements of your process.

Shatter information silos.
Unify your claims data.

These bottlenecks prevent you from providing a best-in-class claims service. Break down information silos between lines of business and see the bigger picture.

omni:us unlocks a deep level of actionable data from all relevant sources, phasing out processes which sideline vital information. With a controlled flow of data between departments and entities, the claim is settled quicker and with more accuracy. Both the insurer and the insured stand to benefit.

“It’s a great thing when you can bring those things together, the technology and the data, to improve the overall experience for users, and lower costs.”

David Roldan

Deliver a breakthrough customer experience.


Legacy systems don’t need to be replaced. Our platform sits comfortably on top of older systems.


Automate back-end processes and offer a sensationally fast claims service.

Rapid STP

Straight-through processing is a very real possibility with AI. Your adjusters and customers will benefit.

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Why omni:us?

With our unique data-driven approach, we supercharge the claims legacy systems of leading insurers to create first-class customer experiences and boost operational excellence.

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